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never having heard or read of it, a funis could arise from

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:ircumstances were — 1st. That the relatives of the deceased swore that the

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administration. 10 This adverse effect has not been

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of the extract, incubated for seventeen hours with saccharine solutions

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and unexpected resemblance between its brain and that of the

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The foregoing description of the anatomical characters of acute pleuritis

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vaccination. He is, however, a believer in its communicability from

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because, though not literally expressive of the true condi-

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being all that is necessary. When a fissure has existed for

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that this practice is indispensable in cases of yellow

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tion. Neither are the acts of swallowing, respiration, or micturition ever

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nurses, and, if called upon, to advise the Scottish Board of

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lepra — comprehending maculosa, tuberculosa, ances-

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drunkard before he is forty. If you imagine you can reform such

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whether we are justified at the present time in rec-

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worn off, would be rather in favor of intestinal lacera-

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Four years later the patient was found to be suflering from a tumour

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small that chemical analysis cannot discover them, can certainly

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A disease characterised by very varying symptoms, due to the formation

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bacillus, and one Staphylococcus aureus. Since Eemlinger's

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expect that it might be extracted by an easier method. Thir-

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In 1810, Marzari insisted that the two diseases, pellagra and Alp ne scurvy, which

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the gold, wherever the two metals have come into contact. Wash out the

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we meet with it as frequently among the strictly temperate, as among

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