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macellaria, which differs from the common bluebottle fly, LuciUa,

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as evidences of myocardial degeneration, are more apt to be prominent

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The Effect of Muscle Contraction. If, as Cruveilhier

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field of inquiry, which he has laboriously cultivated, and in which he

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to maintain the body temperature, while only about 20 per cent, fur-

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the blacks, 3 deaths; 1849, whites 6, blacks 4; 1850, whites 4, blacks 1; 1851,

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numbers of fat-droplets. Estimation of the fat-content by the

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case the patient, the public at large. Sometimes I think

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I can say this, however, that I have certainly seen,

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I at first supposed the case to be a complete prolapsus uteri,

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laiing upon the inside of the coatsof vessels -admitted into the Sussex County Hospital

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deemed would form a practical series, corresponding to the

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Treatment of the Obesities. — Cavaillon in a recent.

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lutely necessary, but the opinion of a competent dentist must

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its pressure on the rectum and urethra was productive of much

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STRANGULATION, and in which it has not occurred, so that the body

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surgeons of the county will attend the meeting. The President is Dr.

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deen Medical Society, was also one of the first of its young members

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Entered as second-class matter June 28, 1929, at the Post Office at Wilmington, Delaware, under ‘ he .. act o f March 3, 1879.

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fully the provisions of this Act, large Hospital accom-

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1981. Medical education, University of Arkansas for

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I1MLI-, .1- i- u-u.illi ilir i.i-c uiiJcr tliTM. >..nditlMU-. tli.-n miii,'K. mi JmuI-Ii-

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the most prominent part. He advised the placing of the

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of protein, because protein either forms insoluble lead protein com-

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held during the College’s semicentennial year in San

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