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for many years an honorary member of this society ; you with us
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this number — that is to say, 5° below the temperature of
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Pazinotti (G.) Intorno alle cellule graiiulose di Ehrlich
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cases. In regard to the relation of dysarthria to aphasia, the
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them to shingles and passes them on to a second laboratory assistant,
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Can it be wondered at that a man, who frequents sueh houses
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cause the pressure of the abdominal walls are obstructed. A
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Fig. 444. Diagram to explain the simultaneous occurrence of psychic blindness and hemi-
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27. Smith DS: Auto-immune haemolytic anaemia and thrombocytopenia com-
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of heart failure. The symptoms directly produced by the
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ease was because of asupposed connection between it and a diseased uterus
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we can understand them, vague and inconclusive: many of his illustrations
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and disposition appear to his neighbors quite normal. While this is
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