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with the investigation and treatment of cholera, subjects which
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too frequently they cannot even have their windows open on
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and without, bad become reddish, as if they had been
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ments in Cuba, while those who doubt the all-sufficiency
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tient leaving the hospital on the second day after en-
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ening, in the chronic form by atrophy, and that this may induce partial
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time is reduced by these agents, their application to pro-
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casts were commonly seen in these cases, more rarely blood and
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The leuco-sarcomas occur about the equator of the eye and
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dull red. When incised an abundance of serum escapes mixed
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and asepsis, should possess a practical laboratory knowledge
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jecting pipe in such a manner that a small pocket lies
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is also brought about by the wounding of the floor of the
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especially, being swollen to an enormous size, and there seemed to be
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by a catarrhal j tee on the articulations (articular rheumatism),
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opium ; and nevertheless he had just contrived to obtain two
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pleura he considered rare. It is oftener a complication
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A part is softened when its density and firmness are abnormally dimin-
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bothers the doctors," certainly does an enormous amount
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with constipation, and a certain degree of emaciation. After some time,
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sore with kala-azar, this question of the constitutional
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as a former co-editor of the "Journal of Mental Science," has
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Goldschmidt, Pepper and Pearce: The Archives Int. Med., 1915, 15, 437.
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ing used instruments unnecessarily ; it is, therefore, on this ac-

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