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factor in the disease, and that it seems to exert an espe-
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During her stay in the hospital, her highest temper-
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the time of an outbreak which Mr Longmore saw at Barrackpore. Euro-
celexa commercial ektar
and enlarged. 1274 pp. Price, $6.00. Philadelphia: P. Blakiston's Sou & Co., 189S.
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moderating the violence of the symptoms. He drew from the arm of the affected side
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gruned like fibro-cartilage, sometimes soft, loose in texture, and succu-
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ing the mouth and throat in aseptic condition. Among
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tion.— S. Flatau* reports the case of a woman upon whom he
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sequent on the irritation is decidedly of longer duration than the action of the stimoloi.
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A Mistake. — Our esteemed contemporary, the Weekly
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In auscultating portions of the body which are difficult of access a
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for 10 or 12 days, and used Koch's steam sterilization. He found the
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formation is the production, maturation and discharge of the ovum. But, if
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columns of the journal, should be addressed to the Editors
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.■Xlthough the cavities in the lungs were unusually
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NVAF with aspirin at the very least. Although definitive
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directed. Density of the lung, with some adventitious signs, has occu-
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movements ; at first the peripheral protoplasm moves in slow, short, irregular
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that in every part, the fly alone is an effectual bar to the
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practise, shall desire to have his name removed from
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conducted a store one member of the firm operated a gin in
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In plants, the oviparous and the lower order of animals, the
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frequently used proportions. For a strong antiseptic or a disin-
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are possible and equally in need of operative treatment, to
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comes under treatment. It is doubtful if recovery ever takes place. The

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