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1949. La Clair, Charles H., Jr., 1021 W. Main St., Norristown, Pa.

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primrose yellow colour of the skin so often seen, for we can only

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perineum quite renewed, and all the pelvic organs restored to their normal

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I’m running a hell here on earth, so tell me what to

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But when the patient has had frequent attacks, the stages become less marked,

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We would most earnestly solicit the attention of the Medical

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was born on the Island in 1818, added his mother's maiden name to his

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other diseases of the gland; nevertheless, Mirallie found only 9 cases

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impulse of the apex beat is either feeble or suppressed.

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severe, in one or more of the extremities, and occasionally in the trunk ;

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contraindicated in very weak patients with high fever, in

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They are usually also resonant on percussion. Constipation is almost

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perichondritis and abscess— may give rise to perforation

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Movements of Army Medical Officers under orders from the

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characteristics, thev di&'cr from them in haviii(T lon^ and smooth

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patient to sleep. Gradually the eyelids will close, deeper sleep

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the opposite surfaces of the pleura, first produced the soimd.

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out a dose for an elephant, and then double it." That

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cavity), as a tubal abortion after the second month

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full term, only one of these by natural means ; two at

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the child is less able to digest its food. As this form of diarrhea

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Nancy Pease Brenda Stafford Belinda Blevins Diane Blevins Jackie Caudle

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breakfast — the time varying in different cases, and even in the

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Congress. At some points the sounds at the dispersion

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and part of the right lateral lobe, taste and smell became defective on the

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