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The science of Morbid Anatomy is a record of facta In its

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n, s., xlvil, ,530. — Hofniokl. Zweiundsecbzig Falle

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died after the experiment closed. " Postmortem examination showed

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sub-serous areolar tissue. It forms in each side a shut sac. Its offices are

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and contorted by another, and even in the intervals there are frequent

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nothing had been done toward preventing it. He had next dis-

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kinds, and it is supposed that it is these microbes which are

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the best one, but he could not sit down without express-

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portion of l-35th to l-iOth of the weight of the body. After entering

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eighteen years ago, which resulted in the development of a

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This book has for its aim the practical instruction of senior students, who are

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end was lying between the fragments and directed to the

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(i,) Normal endometrium with no breaking down tissue calls for

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16, aged 75; a graduate of Jefferson Medical College, member of the

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out ana-sth sia and ataxia sliowin<^ tiiemselves, and

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could not tell where tiiey were. About that time he suffered

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The lower tumor grew so rapidly that its rupture was ap-

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the acquittal of a murderer as insane on such trivial grounds

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substances upon it for a long series of years, and that

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periods. This seemed to suggest that some abnormal substance was producetl

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somewhat vague names, such as neurosis, but showing a perfect

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repairing itself. It contains within itself its own engineer, who,

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Deaths from bowel complaints ranged from 79 to 100 in the

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