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toni). Med. <& Surg. Reporter, Pbila., 1891, Ixv, 128-131.—
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|o inquire into the fact, and 'two doctors' were sworn to examine the prisoner
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amount of milk, but this is over in a few days and nursing should
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This is succeeded by a globular stage (?o6cyst) in the
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Society in company with M. de Lesseps, expressed him-
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mLed with it. There was a stain of blood on the cap, about the size of a
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The employers of America can’t afford this by them-
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cystic, and (c) the fact that no atrophy of the uterus occurs when these
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The meeting was called to order by the President, Dr. B. J. Hill of Crcnoa
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gave in common with the preparations of others. He named his prepara-
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which are innervated by the musculo-spiral nerve. In a considerable
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est sense, and while they may have of great men, the Presidency itself,
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venliiin of the Couuecticut Medical S.iciely, held at Bridgeport May 28tli and 29th, 1862.
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146 *Treatment of Acute Peritonitis. Byron Robinson.
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sinuses, through which the pus and the fungoid granules escape ;
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ance, and spreads in the shortest time over the entire body. It is of
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ticaria, pyrosis, indigestion of drunkards, general symptoms
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siderable it may appear, be kept back from the public eye; for there
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tose, with cold extremities and surface and bathed in perspiration. When
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to provide for, and to this end man partakes of food which must con -
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prominent symptom when the abscess is pressing on the middle lobe
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uterine artery and its anomalous branches, as well as
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for its thoughtfulness in this matter and recommends
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in its seat — a purulent discharge from the lining membrane of
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above scientific names in mind, but I do submit that

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