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worthy of the first medical society of the country.
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Is what properly pertains to two substances to be ascribed to
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(B) iS'fc/H. — 1. Cutaneous sensibility. Note the areas of the lo.ss of cutaneous
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rhage or catarrh of the mucous membrane may occur, leading to a temporary
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that resection of the stomach, when it is technically advis-
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rhich the cases, respectively, 7 and 2, developed. The man who is supposed to
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take the stain the same as the tubercle bacilli, and
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turbinates. There is, however, no unanimity of opinion
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days of the month. This is probably as many as have
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close attention until the time that labor developed, April 30th.
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which are generally associated with it. The Petroleum Act limits the storage
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underwent 92 fine-needle aspiration biopsies to evaluate a large variety of masses. The results of 51
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Dr. Osler3 points out that it is rather upon the violence of this
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the Sanitary Bureau of the Health Department for the follow-
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insisted that many patients might be relieved by this method of
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i 1 illumination. If we engage in similar inquiries, we may reflect
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the symptoms, particularly those of venous stasis as shown by cyanosis and
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bakeries in different parts of London, rich and poor.
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Belg., Binx., 1845-6, v, 61-83. Also, Reprint.— Elliott
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was practised by myself in the Barnstaple Union in 184'J, where
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slow, and soft, and so continued to within two days of his decease. The
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each other in a manner quite different from that which Dr.

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