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advise you to apply a ligature, instead of cutting high up as I
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meatus and folds of the cartilaginous portion were com-
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became necessary to hasten in order to get out of the way of carriages, he
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building. This hall is forty by forty-four feet, and twenty-three feet
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fered from the type organism in their behavior toward dulcite and
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D'Anfreville (1909). Bull. Soc. Path. Exot., ii. p. 129. , c , 1 ^
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Gresham modified the order so that it should apply to Infected
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of animals, and pointed out their striking resemblance
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the entire substance of the mucous membrane, the muscular
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measures are indicated. Tepid baths seem to be of usg. The improvement
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ful up to a tablespoonful in cases of gregarinous enteritis (Ziirn).
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26. McLean : Qinical Determination of Renal Function by an Index of Urea
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as you would expect, since they originate from dilated lymph-spaces,
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our radium collaborations, have conceived and carried out the
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case where the throat was filled with shreds of membrane, foetid mat-
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extent and character of the association of ideas that must neces-
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the preparation, thus enabling him to alter the size of the prescrip-
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pencil brush, as soon as the contents of the vesicles begin to appear puriform.
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of Great Britain, the same prejudices are to be found there as
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" Dream out of the Ivory Gates," but that the number of suflerers
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hand, denied that he had undertaken to be responsi-
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Xhe daughter of Lady Montague was inoculated in 1717 by Maitland,
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j)yrexia in Rheumatic Fevor treated by Cool Batlis and Affusions." Dr.
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in tlie lumbar region of the cord. The meninges of the cord
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starch-containing vegetables or fruit, and but little bread and wine ; and
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