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carriage of four horses, five heavy waggons of two horses for
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cially that of Boston, under Dr. Durgin, but unfortunatelj'-
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weight with the public which their presumed intelligence, as educated
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case. Instead of being a combination of two hearts, as might have been
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The identification of the Bacillus diphtherix by the whole of its characters
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The Royal Maternity and ^^' omens Hospital. — Clinical
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2. Spafmodic affeftions and general convulfions are much
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wax, was fairly an I fitiallv bought by a wealthy nobleman, who was no-
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The symptoms of chronic phosphorus poisoning are profound
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alleged, could read with the tips of their fingers, or with the pit of
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conclusions : Hernia of the iris during operation favors pro-
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From anatomical considerations, some hesitation has gener-
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possible that the iodoform might have something to do with the
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lie was then ordered 5yj of wine daily, and a mixture containing expectorants and
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authorities have prescribed the following schedule of
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son which they teach regarding the value and possible
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subject by Netter, this micrococcus was present in 27, Streptococcus
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he has cast a series of typical moulds in which he can construct
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that I have observed, in the latter, vomiting to be more frequent
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practice of my colleagues, and in one instance have
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was practised by myself in the Barnstaple Union in 184'J, where
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2 Aran, Le9ons Cliniques sur les Maladies de I'Ut^rus.
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in the social and legal systems. The hold of chemical depen-
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concert and harmony. There certainly appears to be no reason why
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out that homoeopathic physicians, as a rule, endorse them.
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without preparation, and is found dead or is amissing, its death is owing to the

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