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deen Medical Society, was also one of the first of its young members

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tendencies. Observe usual precautions in impaired renal or

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and was associated with severe pain, sufficient to interfere with

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case where the throat was filled with shreds of membrane, foetid mat-

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reason to believe, have concurred in renewed their application at the Home

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cordial welcome to that city. Xhey received us with open

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or else, if walking, bend or fall backward (retrojmlsion). The facial muscles

can celexa treat ocd

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percentage absorption of nitrogen of the food, with various forms of diet,

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proached in that capacity by a number of surgeons who wanted

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and yet it is to be noted that in cases of early laryngeal diphtheria

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and right half of the transverse colon, and ery after a dose of thirty five grains,

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more valuable to him. Both are only to be learnt by practice, and

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be employed over the aneurism, internal stiptics are useless^ but'

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greater than 2^ per cent. Chemical examination of fluid removed by tapping

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ers the use of the limb ; and in facial paralysis re-

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toms and conditions are in actual operation. We are

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material separated by glass plates as the dielectrics, and in which none

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first, but becoming purplish or brownish red. These flatten, and become

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Cause. — Indigestion, and usually lack of elimination. As a

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A reconstructive view of one of the planes of the tumour.

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greater epidt-mics of the past and the manner of transmis-

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splint for the insertion of the sutures and preventing

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