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ton"ue is avoided at the same time ; the introduction of the catheter
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second day urine passed wholly through the urethra, and in six
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At 20 ctm. from the tip of epiglottis is another dense
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came to Kidderminster, and in 1831 was appointed an Hon
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(in massive doses) and salol may be of great service in controlling the diar-
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believes them to be Chlamydozoa, with wliich statement we are unable
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Mistura Ferri Composita, 1 oxince to \ or 2 ounces.
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Possibly the thyroid mechanism thus explains why protein feeding
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children suffering from an infectious disease have, at
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Calcium citrate is boiled with sulphuric acid and the
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Tablets due to one or more adverse effects was required in 7% of all patients In these same trials,
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the intention of the authors to develop a better method rather
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the laboratory ; when it is dead we bury it decently in books.
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taxes the eyes should fall upon the printed page perpendicularly to its
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treatment are rubbing in sulphur ointment, biniodide of mercury ointment
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Board Certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
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(iii.) The Period of Protection, or Immunity from further Attacks. — For-
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licate females, young, and very aged persons, and all such as
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Occupation. — This is overwhelmingly more important than any other
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It is seen from the above figures that the concentration of N/20 salt reduces
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and the non-litigation cases is about the same. The author stated
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