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XL VIII. Local Diseases : Diseases of the Respiratory Organs :

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column, and two the word " whisky." The actual number of

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lence, by improving the muscular tone of the stomach.

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lessness, continuing for a longer time (7 hours) and ending

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just as we have an overflow of saliva during the act of

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neuralgia they are generally confined to one side ; by the tenderness being

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in which he took the ground that when mitral stenosis

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definitely the site of the tumour in front, behind, or on eitlier side

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usually be classified under one of the types which have been described.

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tinuity arc, in fact, excessively rare. M. Sandras properly points

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edly present themselves. The skin, for instance, may be

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the height of his usefulness, is a suljject of universal regret.

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converting an unnatural appetite into a fiery passion.

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is split lengthwise, so that the two halves can be separately introduced and, when in place,

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air three feet from the floor, and by drawing it out at the bottom, provided

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It is not improbable at all, I think, that this is a dermoid cyst. I think

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normal Turkish prisoner of war on camp diet showed a systolic

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2. Vesicula (Vesicle). — A small, acuminated, or orbicular elevation

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"It certainly contains more of that kind of information an

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tion of this difficult subject than that here attempted in part.

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use by all people, such as walking or going up stairs, are the most

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to have the lowest carbon-dioxide combining power. In a case in

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dependence of pemphigus upon morbid conditions of the nervous system

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