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ro a lorinidal'le operation — which might, possibly,

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essentially the same as in the other glands, for example, the kidneys, the

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I presented the characteristic stethoscopic signs of

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foetus, or new-bom child, and it is believed by all observers to be

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ordinary rotation of healthy phenomena is able to I

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" ' Contrary to a very uniform law of the animal economy,

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ii?hich lead up to hypertrophy of the heart would enable us to recog-

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other diseases of the gland; nevertheless, Mirallie found only 9 cases

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lishing a current through the field, the one appear-

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after an absence of two fits, the fit of the 18th of March, and

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had its first beginning in unsanitary India, why not in

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before active curettage is begun. He then systematically scrapes the

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taxes me, and you may flatter yourself if I manage even to fill

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her in labor. As I entered the room, she told me tlie child

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complete, nutrition should be sustained on albuminous

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died in two-and-a-half hours in an atmosphere consisting (in 100 parts) of 'J f>

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turaries of the world, he may gather up all the science

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the foundations of French and Si)anish history. The traditions find

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Secretary to ask hiui to bring in a Bill, and the members of

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writings of a German philosopher. We allude to the entire want of me-

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of information of equal accuracy and completeness with these

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Dr. Johnson's theory. Dr. Johnson quotes many passages in

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meyer in Minnesota, and Kinzie and Fleck in Portland, Or-

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