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sequently regarded as possessing a much graver signifi-

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unsoundness and the recent murmur of the new disease ; but

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accessory cavities, for auto-sepsis resulting from this condition is frequently

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permeability of calculi to the X rays ; he considers that uric-acid calculi are

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(Feb.) 1955. 4. Davis, C. H. (Ed.): Gynecology and Obstetrics

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the external iliac vein, internally and below by the lower

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and portions of the various organs have been subse-

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pharynx and naso-pharynx, and because o^'ef the site is tainted by its stench.

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the institution, the attendance having increased from 1,500 to 1,767, as

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(10,) In thirty-four examinations of gonorrhoeal threads with cover-

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example of acute inflammation affecting a serous membrane. Inflamma-

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shortening the duration and diminishing the enjoyment

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regular and are usually not increased in frequency. The volume of the

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that of Snow. The boiling point of benzol is 1S0° Fahr., the

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I have recently, through the courtesy of Professor Huntoon and the

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cism, and have failed to carry conviction. Leloir has followed the same course,

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using it because of the trouble, etc., incident to its use. Its second

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scissors. The condition appeared to be due to a tuberculous

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algorithm used at our institution for the initial manage-

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credit of curing consumption, where consumption never existed.

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ing the puerperium may deserve consideration, and in

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impeded from contraction of the temporal and masseter

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