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calls attention to injuries wliich meat frequently sustains by

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of David's harp-playing upon the melancholia of King Saul

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recourse to in this form of the disease, keeping clearly before us the possi-

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tous. Boegehold has not been able to find a similar

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the great mass of intussuscepted bowel was easily reduced by

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sets in; the pulse becomes full and frequent, about 112

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are unable to satisfy the need of the organism for oxygen, and there is not even

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peritonitis general, freely drained. Six days afterwards, while temperature had

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anterior cliamber was of normal depth, the iris being dull and discolored but

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In the first place there are instances of true hypertrichosis

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I should suggest that they should be legally disqualified from

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" We are not at all sure that English homceopathists are wise in

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last night ; very little discharge from the wound ; pain slight.

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most carefully considered in the experiments of Bernard and

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ioritv of patients, because so often their condition has been

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danger in using it for a short time, and quickly returns to its use. Soon

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was palpable in one case during the fever and as this

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A teaspoonful three or four times a day, in water or linseed tea.

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after a severe attack of syphilis, lost all ner hair. I exaggerate, however, in

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had removed the new growth with scissors all the way

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1st. Thai digitalis does not shorten the duration of the fever.

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symptoms were somewhat mitigated, those of the aftection of the

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when pure vaccine matter is used, because of the restless nerv-

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ty, calls alcohol a hydrate of oxide of ethyle, represented by

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overcome by the continued use of Salycilic Acid, in doses of ten to

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at the time he inhaled chloroform and underwent an operation.

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•Except June, July and August. 00 Except July and August

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Bo-called " brain sand " so frequently met with in the choroid

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in others present little obvious departure from the normal state. Ulcers

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