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about three-fourths of an inch long, which lay across the

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ing life, important changes were found in the spinal cord.

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thickened by means of powdered podophyllum and capsicum, to which

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In other instances, the whole injured limb has suffered a great while and

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whicli is the third so far reported in this countrv.

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searches which they have carried out in connection with such and

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the pulmonary artery. In other words, the right side of the heart

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The bladder is completely empty, and its mucous membrane is spotted

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Pneumonia. — Bassi^ reports its use in eight cases of severe

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which says that Dr. Purjesz, of Pesth, in a case of poisoning by

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minutes) is desired, or 1 : 1 ,000 chromic acid solution if the catgut is to be

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after which a brief business session was held, the report of the

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appears to follow more certainly if the special dermatitis is produced, but

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The parturient act is a mechanical one. The expulsion of the

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ance and Atherosclerosis, J. Lab. & Clin. Med., 35:

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contracted well. The posterior muscles were not markedly damaged and were

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originated somewhere is certain, for if we accept li\'ing organisms as

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its natural course, and the result was, that it made immensely

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the University of Michigan, and Director of the Hygienic

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Dr. H. D. NoYEs reports a case of " Irritation of the Chorda Tympani,

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What changes it produces in the secretions of mucous membranes, is a

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by Simon as " multiple cachectic gangrene.'' In a case described by

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sensation. In astereognosis the' pain and temperature

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