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hat^ in the vast majority of cases, the embolus gets into the artery of the
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lead by sulphide of ammonium, and is not dissolved by hydrochloric acid like
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years, and during the whole of this period milky urine was
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good of the profession, the precedent of former years assures me.
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If the sulphur treatment be pushed too far, an irrita-
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accidental discharge of a sentry’s gun, 1 in a ship-
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denly seized with unvniic coma and left homijilegia, which last
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he was appointed assistant surgeon in the army. He was with Gen.
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he should have recovered, though possibly the clot might
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1881. So ended, in its spring.time, a career promising and brilliant
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York City — made a marked difference in the total
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must be met as they arise and cannot properly be anticipated
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to which reference has been made, preceding the eruption proper, is to be
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lips pale, lower jaw moveable, tongue retracted, pulse regular,
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• Of course, in these cases, there is nothing will give relief but
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ability for methylene blue exists especially in interstitial nephritis,
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north, leaving three-fifths of the state without special public
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stance which exercises a considerable and probably preponderating influence
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days old became inflamed secondarily to the eye disease.
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Board. In the earlier years the Board's instructions required an area of half
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state that the following temperatures are maintained in the
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of Boston, in his address made mention of the enrolment
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Nature to counterbalance the impediment. The heart is

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