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normal organisjn and those which are elicited in the therapeutic
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constitution, with a strong predisposition to the typhoid condition,
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So much has been already said about jaundice as an indication
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themselves by the e.Kclusive adoption of any special form
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together with the iinp:>runt cases, bath inphyaic and surgery, wmeh occur in a preuy extaaaWe pri-
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gress which is to be held at Amsterdam. I don't at all
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life was gradually extinguished. This I suppose the twenty-
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destructive pulmonary changes. Leukocytosis is said to be a constant
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1145. — Orton (G. T.) Excision of knee joint and removal
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branches of the same is not feasible as an independent cura-
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^vith solution of carbonate of soda, or slowly drinking a bottle of soda-
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James Harding, Esq. Surgeon Extraordinary to Prince Leopold;
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typical zymotic disease — contagious, infectious, inoculable — with a
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the subject of diabetes and surgery see Strouse^s article in Medical
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ty years, the author has seen less than a in an unknown quanity, so that it is not
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more amusing. Dr. Still was the son of a sort of Jack-
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cific gravity than norma!, is yet actually, as meas-
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her to her bed. There were no cardiac murmurs, nor could a
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is i\ie fixity of the bone in this position, so that its restoration is often a matter
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preventing the air from entering that part ; or from air being in
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This, however, is only true up to a certain extent, for if the pressure be
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a manuelof obstetrics, of which there are excellent ones already written. It is
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fully described. Steadily increasing impoverishment of the blood,
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after-pigmentation of the patches. Kuznitzky attributes its beneficial
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No honour was ever better earned. But we may add our wonder
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human and bovine strains, that no difficulty is experienced in judging

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