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on these subjects: (i) ''Antiseptic Midwifery in Hos-

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ing the past twenty-four years, has remained in office long

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slightly exceeded one. Some few had three, some two, many

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feeling of great oppression and difficulty of breathing,

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kinds of massage, according to the amount of pressure

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Dr. H. D. NoYEs reports a case of " Irritation of the Chorda Tympani,

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biscuits may with advantage supplant employment of ordinary flour or

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that much of the virulence of the disorder, as well

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ganic muscular fiber ; that alcohol produces four destructive

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very full descriptions of the specimens (537 in number), the clinical histories

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While not exaggerating the importance of my subject, I

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obliterates most of the glands of Lieberkiihn. Portions of these glands undergo cystic

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Apostoli. The meter would be important, if for no other

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Miyajima's conclusions, given on page 90, are here quoted:

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it out evenly on the cover-glass ; but this in no degree

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symptom of the sympathetic affection has appeared. — Annates tTOeit-

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describes each as arising from the vesical extremity of the

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the dried vesicle, with parts black and gangrenous.

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an excess of sugar, but a decided deficiency in fat and soluble albumen. We have,

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existed in eight ; rheumatoid arthritis (of twelve years' duration) in one.

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Under the term " obsessions " 24 cases are recorded. In these

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believe they are correct, let your preference he shown by your appli-

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a brush or the finger in the dry powder, and carrying it directly to

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followed by no permanent ill effects, that it is of no

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Not to be overshadowed is the list of fine trips planned

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leech promptly — to purge actively — and to stimulate freely. Such,

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