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like an abnormally large kidney; it was removed without
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Tliere is more reason to apprehend epileiioy in proi>ortioD
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parts are moved, owing to the changed condition of the
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the Hospital at the end of the week completely relieved of all
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from exposm'e to such matters when diluted with a moder-
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control strategies targeted to one axis affect all three.
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the afternoon; she became sick during the night and fell into a stupor from which she
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^^^'^^ ^re the circumstances favorable or unfavorable to euch transmission.
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preference for the office of Medical superintendent to persons
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the 50 cases in which gastrectomy was performed, 11 were immediately
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Lastly, it is an exception to a very general rule of fatality when a case
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in from 70 to 95 per cent of the animals examined (mode of inocula-
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paste ; rub a portion of it on the part affected, moistened with
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and, conversely, typhus had often fastened on armies in the open
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is for the time being in abeyance, and subsequent to this, and prior
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Surgical drainage, of £crasement Hneaire, and one of our most
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seldom sleeps, and opiates have little effect in procuring rest or even
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Organization of the ambulance company. Work of the ambulance
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three inches long, and its inner surface was coated
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Xt shall be /or the good of the sick and the well to the utmost of my power
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by the usual operation. Ligatures were used in this case, no clamps
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Medical Research Committee. The high scientific importance of
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not unknown before the malarial epidemic, but were far
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