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Case III. — George C, twenty-two months old, had been brought
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was interpreted by Kanitz, who showed that the effect of the acid
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limited working hours of the day. Besides, the Registrar-
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Case 2. Helen Thomson, aged 3*2, of a cadaverous coun*
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for 1897 — the latest period for statistical purposes — 927,518. In 1896
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But men of experience surely cannot difier thus widely :
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may have unstable brains, and it is the unstable brains that are wrecked by the
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ing by the ingenious suggestions of an acute-minded physician. The
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President of the United Stales for appointment, the
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Seifert, Kenneth A, Post Office Box 149, Hot Springs Village,
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without blood appearing one year and eight months after operation.
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and adopted, the president of each of the national societies of
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similar occupations who suffer from this disease. The
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not know its cause or its value as a diagnostic until now, and he had,
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are not interrupted in their offices, if the pain proceed purely
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the stiffness in the neck increased, and the vomiting recurred. He
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found nervous debility, every organ and function must be
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been subjected to a more careful physiological study, and
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the community requires — whether this be midwifery
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lants moderately. R. Calomel, gr. ss., et opium, gr. ss., every hour
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and hyaline degeneration of the muscle fibres, and loss of their contractile
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litis. We have stopped talking about acute suppurative periostitis
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my mind while reading their articles on the subject,
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limbo, those things of which we are so tired of being conscious ? Are
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ear the transmission of sonorous vibrations is most free,
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