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Bpixal Oohd. Permission could only be obtained for the examination of this

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recognized limits of the best therapeutic management of a

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tried. I consented, and superintended the process, which was energeti-

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1809 — And on complaints in the breasts of nursing

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as in bronchitis, fevers, headaches, ifec, I have used this medicine with highly

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malarici fuori dell' uomo (apioposiio di nn lecente .scritto

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tympanitic and partly dull, with the skin inflaming.

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Chemistry in the Jefferson Medical College, to iso-

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removed, and the incision healed without incident. The tumor

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which become enormously distended, especially at the points of com-

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even although the nerve was cut entirely through by the ball. Cer-

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douchings; (5) for sedative purposes; ( 6) for general

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of its deficiencies. The lairage of animals is likely

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after losing nine men in eight days from cholera, was removed

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to care for them properly, as it was impossible to keep a herder

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Regional Medical Center. One Category I credit hour.

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J. M. Dodd of Ashland, president, and Dr. D. H. Lando of Hurley, secretary

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Dealing with the relationshijj between the clinical symptoms of

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William J. Yonker, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Laryngology and Otology.

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stabbed in the back. On again attempting to rise, he

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Mucous Membrane." Andral also alluded to the disease. Dr.

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the eyeball, especially in children, is a deplorable in-

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