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divergence between political views of psychiatry, and

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hold its ground for so long? Why did it satisfy the minds of men

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the bleeding, internal version may be performed, followed or not by extraction,

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unusual transudation of the nutrient material may take place,

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The body and limbs had great numbers of flattened nodules, and areas

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and, uniformly, she was obliged to rely on cathartics or injections to

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then, when the breath is entirely exhausted, a deep, loud, crowing in-

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follows : Clean the nails, scrub the hands for one minute with

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conditions during life within such very narrow limits that it may be called

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of course, have a supplementary value for advanced practi-

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die. The results of the mistake were, however, most fortunate ; improve-

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ness which is often associated with diseases of the

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kindly feeling is blended with admiration for the attainments of

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Dr. Hahn gives the following description in his monograph :

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ings will be insei'ted when they are received in time.

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• Latin proper name? of parts of the body can not

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review three papers published in the Journal of the Amer-

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starts instantly again the nervous intelligencers to put in motion a part

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themselves unduly, owing to imperfect understanding of the English

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The sac gradually closed, the wound had been reduced

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O'l, four times a day. On the night following, about 1 A. m., I

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months he had been at home he had been treated with thyroid and pitui-

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leprosy would seem to merge into a larger question — that of

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