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logically related. Of intrinsic pigmentation the most important are

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or other surgical treatment for glaucoma, I attributed it in part to

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Descriptio7i. — Similar in appearance to the Pulex

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coryza, bronchitis, or lobular or lobar pneumonia, with their several

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alveolar air for analysis. She died within a few hours.

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posterior part of the hemisphere a sense of resistance was felt, which was

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cysts containing blood- clots. It was connected with the

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These insects had four wings, and six feet, and a long stylet issued

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tibility to every emotion to vascular changes from the increased ner-

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the very commencement one almost never saw a disease

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enough to purge, or the acetate of potassa, may be given in conjunction

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chamber-utensil. It was lai-ge and pear-shaped, and

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"9. When the two diseases, rotheln and scarlatina, appear to be of

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bacilli are found, in other cases mixed cultures of

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For metal-lined troughs the use of bichlorid of mercury is, of course,

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And such is the explanation of many a sudden break-

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hypertrophied, and the blood-vessels dilated, rendering

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scarcely merit imitation ; thus, in 183G Regnoli closed a

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The peritoneum is divided with scissors on either side of the

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pencil brush, as soon as the contents of the vesicles begin to appear puriform.

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Rosenberg's surmise, that if our beloved Queen should be taken ill and

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terests of the students would be as well served by providing more extended

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result therefrom are not the only causes of the general symjjtoms. In some

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