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simultaneously during the same hypnotic state. So, in a few

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1 Vide Archives de Physiologic Normale et Pathologique, Paris, May April, 1848.

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jugular vein, carotid and nervus vagus; it overlays, moreover,

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ing to advices of the 7th ult. from the above-named

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Of the thread- operation for extreme divergent squint,

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believe catgut can be sterilized. You can sterilize the outer portion

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of Princeton I'niversity), the cat. the mouse, and man, employing for my

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DATES: May 4-6, 1989 LOCATION: Williamsburg Royce Hotel, Williamsburg, Virginia

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has also a noticeable influence, and I have personally seen instances in weaveis.

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appearance which we generally regard as atypical and blasto-

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the general application of a sahcyhc or boracic powder, such as

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nephrosis may ensue from pressure on the ureter or renal pelvis. Gastro-

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with minute, scattered telangiectases, showing themselves as blood-red

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The parents were disposed to regard the brittleness of the bones as due to the typhoid ferer

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Cough, is common among children, which will be treated

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Wallace) the hydriodate of potash, are well known. I con-

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tion with the forceps, has proved to be a practical and time-

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the ferment had been added to the milk the tempera-

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central gan'^lia, and Elischer similar chanires in the claustrum and island

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pain thresholds than other subjects. 2 The autonomic

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giving a light tonic to bring up the constitution, hoping that in

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