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for the improvement of the sick quarters aboard ship, and for
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It would afford them a very good method of cultivating a spirit of
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quently in children. I saw one case in a boy aged ten. The attacks
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cut especially they can roam at will and hurl their death-
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in typhoid fever has come to be a generally tested and
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Society contains among other things an excellent paper
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result in almost every one of them of the use of the through-and-
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all escaped gangrene. In another guinea-pig the ligature was removed in
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<',are and a little forethought would save a deal of trouble
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those cases where the uterus does not undergo much if any con-
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sentiments which so honor the great American nation.
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expiration of a definite period after the date of borrowing,
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the paralytic stage the pupils become widely dilated, Tht
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description the picture of malignant scarlet fever :
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action and insures a more complete utilization ; it is applicable
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little haemorrhage occurred, and no damage was done to the
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contractures accompanied with much pain are described. Less commonly,
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time, the points of attack indicating that the infection
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prolonged administration will restore the pancreatic function. In cases
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disease is bad, for the patients are partly liable to death
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the arterial pressure, but did not influence the venous; doses large

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