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A Disease of Sponiice Gatherers.— Under the name of " dis-

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the same everywhere, as must be evident from the fact that in

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Prolonged Prothrombin and Partial Thromboplastin Times

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i-nstitutcd; because the chief place — "DeToits Pan" — where

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this volume the surgery of the head, neck, and chest, in-

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previously been all but accomplished, and a few touches of the

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ing, it is difficult to say, but judging from its situation and character,

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The itching may be allayed by warm baths, sodium bicarbonate being

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R. Boe, M.D., C.M. Toronto, Canada; August L. Buchanan, M.B.,

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the exception. These can be treated much better from above. In fact,

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ithout offsetting benefits. Consider three examples:

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but Dr. J. J. Putnam, of Boston, did not think it so

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Lookout, on the Kith of Docemher, 18G2. with a irun-shot wound of

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1— li— lTHrHfHrHrHi-H5^rHG^rHrH(yii-nrHC^i-HTHi— •

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it is necessary to make an opening for its exit. This

is 40mg of celexa a high dose

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criminately. So far as the majority is concerned, no question

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the Government of the day, now adorns our own University.

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a history of hereditary rheumatism. The disease had

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Child-bearing is a process of health ; the exceptions

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and muscles, but a great deal of pressure on the knee.

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