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action of the vessel with its function, a distinction which the

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cede the appearance of the indurated sore, he stated

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Diagnosis. — As the coughing-fits in this disease are, in my opinion,

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ties, agree that the pathologist is a physician and

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but was covered all over with healthy mucous membrane; in the posterior and anterior

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to Professor Noel Paton and Dr. Leonard Findlay for many

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opened through the vagina, but without relief, on abdominal

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tic operations on the cervix and vaginal walls. When we came

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not amount to anything practically ; because they would insist

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from the right than from the left nostril. He complained of

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Within a few years, various accounts have been given, quite as re-

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cases he had collected was it stated that the child was born

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versial treatise thus referred to, affirms in it, and repeats his conviction

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obvious by the circumstance, that he was able, while in the recum-

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Within a few years, various accounts have been given, quite as re-

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tised by Rose in every ward and almost in every bed.

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improvement in the morphologic features of the diabetic

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slightly moved, somewhat similar to that experienced by rubbing the

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with the forceps, which occupied me more than half an hour.

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In closing let me say that while I recognize that perfection should

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