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Des injections sous-coujonctivales huileuses de biiodure
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original on diphtheria antitoxin, thyroid extract, and organo-
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creased ai.d partly to the discontinuance of the so-called "Capitol Class."
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vival of the bacillus in the dry handkerchiefs of the consump-
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and the address be given. It should state also the supposed seat and
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others not sufficiently circumscribed, others of malignant nature, and others
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pears to lean toward the theory of vascular derangement
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than the other, the upper portion of the tibia projecting pointedly forwards, and
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durino- the day. This is a matter of importance, since it has heretofore
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chloral, are absolutely valueless. The new treatment by antitoxine
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Abstinence from food by mouth should be insisted upon for from
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our old friend Podsnap, seated, — where, of all unlikely places,
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nied by vomiting and obstinate constipation. The history
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one can expect the appearance of a more or less dark urine, the color
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The Surgical Trentmrnt of Pelvic Thrombosis of Septic
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times intensive, being then equivalent to '* very."
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vital processes in disease. In the same manner in which physiology treats of
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contraction, because muscle so deprived is left free to yield to
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of bigotry pursued furiously in the rear. True, it has been weakened
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out ana-sth sia and ataxia sliowin<^ tiiemselves, and
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as testified by several of his friends, soon afterwards and prior to October, 1846,
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function values. The least-squared function values of the two data sets can be
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has made some progress, and where the os uteri is dilated en-

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