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grave loss of sensibility to all temperatures over the left hand and fore-
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texts of liver disease; but, it does provide a con-
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sequestra found, 1 being head of rib ; piece of rib removed ; verte-
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for legislation contrary to its interests. It was their
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calls for the completion of the work so that the build-
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retirement from the neighbourhood of the Strand, embrace this !
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extended in the shape of a ragged, angry, indurated
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be amenable to quebracho. — Journal de Med. de Paris,
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ing of weight, pressure, or throbbing in the head, aggravated
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attack came, and Parl's account of it, extending over many pages of
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The fact that certain buildings or localities, and vessels in particular,
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ing an ability beyond that of a mere local practitioner. In rural
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sleek, smooth-tongued, fat-witted humbug Hull, the horse-
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following few lines relating to the subject: "Anti-
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curet or scalpel until the superficial tissue is removed and a slight flow of blood is
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of freedom of motion in the whole extremity, and the boy complained of pain
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permanganate, necessary for tlr's purpose, only renders
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children over I'2 who have been vaccinated successfully in infancy, of
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It has a somewhat triangular shape, always pointed below. It very
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liver Oil and Malt given with food — a preparation called BYNOL— awrf
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external area was exposed to the action of radium, and later
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