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swelling in the abdominal wall, in May, 1893. This increased in size
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opsonin to guard against inimical factors rather than any essential
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zero to maximum. The recording point will in this manner be gently
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with numerous small, hard, verrucose-like protuberances. In
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extended in the shape of a ragged, angry, indurated
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bowel never leaked, and cutaneous union was com[)lete in a
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Langenbeck, and in the Vienna and Paris schools it is also held in
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that he had a small direct inguinal hernia. He made
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in pneumonia to be intimately, though not ^at last brought to a head by some exposure,
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was here nearly 6 mm. thick ; the reflexa was from 1 — 2 mm. thick.
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drawings. He favors conservative myomectomy, where it is
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even when there was recoil, ended fatally. When the
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fever ran for twenty-seven days Dr. Blain finally ordered eight-grain doses of phenac-
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State of Wisconsin, was in active practice until he reached the age of 85 years,
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fact of its occurring among all races ; that climate does not, by its pres-
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the fundamental tones and no over tones come into consideration) seems to be
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she was able to bend the left knee. About the fifteenth or
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after an ordinary inspiration ; supplemental or reserve air is the volume
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consequently why my opinion was changed from that based upon
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general atrophic state, some gland patches may be observed in
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powerful discharges of the gymnotic battery, were classes of ob-
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every time that quinine was administered. She also had three attacks
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increased with a pronounced idiomuscular ridge easily produced.
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With this dressing erysipelas scarcely ever occurred,
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they prevent sufficient oxidation of the blood, also be-
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and assistant surgeon shall be filled by selection from

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