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cecums of fishes, to which the origin of the organ is usu-

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tions, strongest of which are the possible injury of diseased

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Fig. ll.-r-Scoliosis and asymmetry of the thorax: patient with fibroid phthisis of left lung;

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Wilks speaks decisively. A patient of his in Mary Ward, subject to epileptic

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this risk, it becomes a question how far we are warranted in incurring it

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tality, as shown by amreboid movements, for twenty-

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movements in a co-ordinate way, and much may be accom-

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mented with calcareous matter. An examination of four of the prin-

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strong acid. This condition was, however, by no means

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Central Islip, Suffolk County, shall be transferred to

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of these conditions must be made by the specialist or by the

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If the hypertrophy approaches nearer to its full develop-

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If the medical profession in the far Northwest is in

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of simply retching and sinking, and the nature of the case was made

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vals, in a few days (or possibly weeks) a pricking sen-

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‘Diplomate, American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

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herent properties, neither chemistry nor microscopy

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2 Loeffler: Centralblatt f. Bakt. u. Parasitenkunde, 1889, Bd. vi,

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7. Hoen, T. I.: A method of skeletal traction for treatment of

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in an uninterrupted order. That is all we have sensorial tendencies

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leg, using it as a side splint. This upper extremity is

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ported autopsies are extremely rare. Death results only

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fectual, it must be given to the extent of an ounce of the pow-

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The point that I wish to make is this. Inflammatory

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