Citalopram For Bipolar Depression

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tions of alarming symptoms, and to direct the patient's atten-
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be somewhat suggestive of pyelitis, although never diagnostic. Bacteria
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initial rigor, generally some pnecorciial pain with feeble, rapid,
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soil for the proliferation of bacteria is always provided.
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Pleurisy with eftusion. (2) Pneumothorax, hydrothorax,
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in such respects supplies every need. It is divided into
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of proteids and carbohydrates, and directly from fat con-
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by opium for seven or eight days. After the wound has healed, the patient
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glands may be enlarged from simple adenitis, or from cancerous infil-
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that the white hellebore "grows in mountainous regions" (IV,
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ordinarily of little eflfect in the direction of obstructing the discharge
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times the amount of fluid given by mouth would pour from the
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bone to over-ride each other. The pad under the heel must not be forgot-
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four-year-old child became severely ill of scarlatina with marked pharyn-
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appendix and the surrounding tissues form a distinct tumour.
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able to find any case of poisoning by it in the human subject. Dr. Glover
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tral and eastern counties of the State we have had some accounts. That the same form
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impediment presented to the passage of instruments of large size ; neither, by
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desquamation lasted three weeks. In all the cases the
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are lost,^ both superficial and deep, and later contractures, due to the over-
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" A case of Subcutaneous Nodules in the Hands of a Rheumatic Patient." George
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conception and the increase of population by reproduction. "These
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The hands become spade-like owing to the swollen fingers ;
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of the King's kinsman, Charles of Navarre. What happened in the

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