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perineum, and to leave it as near as possible in the
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Journal, 1874, pp. 200-221) in his observations "On the Constitution of the Dark
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Allisov, J ,L K.Q C.P.I., M.R.C.S.. has been appointed Honorary Visiting
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any previous d seased condition or contamination of the blood, as from the con-
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Helenol. — Helenol is one of the active principles
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consistency, almost completely covering the pharynx ;
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The symptoms and diagnosis differ but slightly from those of acute
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hemorrhage from the femoral vein, the amount of blood in and about
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having regard to the high quality of the article we
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tions. Such mucus is loaded with mucin, as a characteristic
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which counts for much, for without the from the smaller schools of medicine) of
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the acute onset, but is very rare ; and, once this stage is passed, there is
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became excessively cold. Everything, however, appeared of no avail, and
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manifestation as but one of those appearances which, in Russia particularly,
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gan about three years before, the breast gradually en-
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and a little nourishment, and had generally died in a
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•* During the time we used them here, not only was
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rapid infections of the lung. One case was a universal infection
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about the end of March 1891, when the Kumb-ka-mela will again
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by every possible means, while the atmosphere within them is kept at a
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well with a cane. As this case was published in the Russian language,
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transmissible. As it has been stated that vaccination does not

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