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Ferrum phos, 3, grs. ii, , e^gh ni^h t, f pi\i:teen . dps^^, ,(pHo.T^!^d ,ip> a ^
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The muscles are generally flaccid, but in some cases rigidity is observed.
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hold except the one with regard to the curve of the handles
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tions of alarming symptoms, and to direct the patient's atten-
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of paralexia or paranomia. When he attempted to read,
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type the lower limb is extended ; the attack commences in the big toe, and
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maternity cases. The fees received in the out-patient department
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Cleveland is a city which is more than usually well adapted
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After mincing it very fine, add salt, cayenne, mustard, salad
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result to the goats browsing upon a particular plant be-
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and then gradually increase meal to satisfy appetites.
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obliterates most of the glands of Lieberkiihn. Portions of these glands undergo cystic
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tion the name of a single writer on venereal since the days of
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geon-Major Porter's case, * as reported to the London Pathological
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graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism,
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quite reliable. The alterations in the color of spores due to changing
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whereas the violin string vibrates but in two. The elasticity of the parts produces
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drowsiness and exhaustion which result from prolonged exposure
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36 Cantharis.— Eructations, Vomiting, Burning Urine.
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This preliminary observation takes only two or three minutes, and
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some reason for recommending gymnastic exercise of the
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of a man who had died of the ofiects of paraplegia, and who was said to have
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racter of their action, their physical dispositions being known.
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