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with them. The sounds should be continued five to ten
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it should be noted that even control scratches vary, those near
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upon. Incision four inches, in median line. On incis-
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habit to a certain routine, are by no means thankful to
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made, it was decided to effect delivery at once. The woman
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conviction so unhesitatingly expressed in another part of this
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upon myself to declare that I diti'ered from what Dr. Lee
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rior superior spine of the ilium. After making a short cross cut
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the report of individual cases in order to convey a correct impression of
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pectoris, c. Motor : Paralyses, Von Graefe's symptom, impossibility
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Official List of Chaiigex of Stations and Duties of Offi-
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continuing treatment for a further two months, the patient had no
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given of a man carried West on a stretcher, and in 14 months
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Note sur la sclerose du poumon chez les epileptiques.
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which the bladder is not completely emptied, an irrita-
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An ulceration of the trachea at the extremity of the tube (gener-
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laored, than those hitherto recommended for the same end, and mechanically different. I would cheer-
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think, the best poultice ; they are very soft, and retain their
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Reaves, W. P., Greensboro, (Hon.) ; Univ. of the South, 1903..- 1905 1907
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Button n-moveJ from t r.-ichc.-i thr.i' yi ais .-iftcr its lod^'e-
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very nervous children show symptoms of convulsions — one who
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at that point. That the condyle escaped fracture was remarkable, but
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turn out to be Small-pox, and act upon that suspicion.

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