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voice of the press, the boasted guardian of the public weal and

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follow, accurately defining the site of the forthcoming eruption^

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all supplies are placed which are needed in the isolation rooms.

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fall into certain new and irregular movements — the multiplied forms

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persist for a long time after convalescence from the active

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believe) of insomnia dependent upon true primary cerebral

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only since the autumn of 189.G, when Morrison reported his first two

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red rubber plate for false teeth. Probably the mercury,

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probably did not equal that which would follow excision.

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ought to abandon the custom of quoting long passages

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ter become tough and elastic, and a particular tract may be

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known of this rapidly growing part of Africa, perhaps a few

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the same condition of things presented. Dr. Roberts afterward saw

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was laid over the wound, and half gr. morph. sulph. was given. The bone

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July 11 to 14. This will be a notable meeting and all should go who

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perceptible only in the erect posture, and most, when leaning slightly

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hospital will be lost. As Sir William Broadbent points out,

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he was twenty years of age, and he spent his life in it,

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religious grounds; it is sanctioned by the Church as well as by the pro-

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who has here collected together much valuable information which, as far

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their author expresses it in his characteristically modest and

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tion. Second Edition. London: Churchill, 1854. Fcap. 8vo. pp. 156.

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stroke by means of ergot. The treatment consisted in the

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on one tonsil. Dr. Eyre took a culture, found the Streptococcus louyns, and

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able by themselves) to the resultant -S-S- group, so that this is

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in those spaces). The lower boundary of the impulse has therefore l"«'n elevated from the

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