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country folk, servants and the Kke, the remarkable circumstance that

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again pointed out to our State Government that it is

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Accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals

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itants sickly, and human life of short duration; while the

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ceile tbat it would be a public benefit if our peoide c ijcrJiy wuUld be ome bt-tfer in.,

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the conjunctiva in the normal eye and in those eyes

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time. After having duly and effectually applied a bandage, and placed a com-

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was able to attend to the duties of her family until about three years

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some loss of sensibility to pain and temperature ; this area extended up

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or mortification of the cornea, prolapsus iridis, and staphylo-

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be pain in the region of the bladder or retention of urine, as the result

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The culture liquid is introduced by removing the cap, which

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in the ordinary course, have been elected, the real contest for

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prominent symptom when the abscess is pressing on the middle lobe

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great importance, for both, when severe, are amenable only by

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in cases uncomplicated by pneumonia, usually disappears before

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there secured to a tin can which is filled with shot up

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ease. It is more dangerous than to let it alone to do partial operations,

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having practically ol)tained a monopoly of the busi-

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The specimen will be submitted to a microscopic examination,

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the size of the ulcer and condition of the surrounding

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heat, and aching of the whole body. In addition to these symptoms, there

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