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the advantages of an acute illness you will feel that an

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1898, X, 1-5. . Filaria and filarial disease in British

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Placenta praevia may constitute a grave threat to the life

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fragment is pulled firmly upwards by the temporal masseter and internal

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60 per cent of 60, or approximately 36 per cent. We have shown

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miparae. Thirty-nine were delivered of the second, thirteen of

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up with it into a paste or mucUage. It is inodorous, and

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tail, provided with papilla, and in some cases with lateral alae.

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But besides her wonderful attainments, in this department, Mrs. Som-

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free in ten days, some in fifteen or twenty days, and some are

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cholecystic, perigastric, or periduodenal adhesions may be surmised.

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whic'i would be painful as well as injurious to the patient. Nitrate of silver

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cases relief may be obtained. Electricity and massage ^tould br rmpbi^

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remedy should be followed, after a few hours, by a pretty active purgative.

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is that the profession should own and control its jour-

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is not the result of kidney disease, but of a primary blood poison, and I believe

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After working in the auditing department of the Nor-

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not be excluded from the supplies of surgical material for the troops,

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h Elem. de Pathol. Chirurg., torn, ii., p. 387. Paris: 1847-48.

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rabbits which succumb to the inoculation do not show any charac-

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nation in diagnosis was important with reference to the progno-

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tiousness of Clothing, by W. G. Bissell, Buffalo ; Recent Laboratory

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Braiicniconc (G-.) Note sulla malaiia. Boll. d. Soc.

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Hence white or gray softening and brown softening are distinguished. The

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