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speech sounds in siSwati, namely, /ts/ and /tf/. The /ts/

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tists and physicians for many children served by nonfluori-

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have done had the abscess not existed in the head of the tibia.

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which we usually find them in general practice. The

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of the influence of climate on disease in general ;

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The symptoms of gastro-jejunal and jejunal ulcer are

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system, to sequestrate a certain amount of bloocl in one

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artery. It is said that they are, however, not entirely confined to the

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the normal (variations), and morbid tendencies (diatheses), — much re-

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highly albuminous, and containing abundant cholesterine (seventy-one grains

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economy more vulnerable, and opens the door to dis-

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patient scopolamine and morphia, then to administer a general

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Note. — Iyike the Iodine recommended above, Creosote is believed to be

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without being seen, and being seen, need no description ; but have

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force, except when its meaning is synonymous with that of invented.

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cations of disorder of the cercbro- spinal system comes on,

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wells or watercourses from which drinking water or water for use is

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bladder or ducts. Adhesions were loosened and the gall-bladder

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Clarke, Windsor. The subjects of diphtheria, typhoid fever and scarlatina were

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small white parasites, about an inch in length, of an attenuated

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that one should always make an examination for the causative fungi

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in 8pit« of the essential improper nourishment bears out the

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ribs, and the depression of the diaphragm. Haller supposed the

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had reached this organ. There was no destruction of mucous membrane —

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