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over the cricoid and in the ventricle. This had de-

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the marked swelling of the submaxillary glands, albuminuria,

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trated sulfuric acid to a mixture of 2.5 g. o-chloroacetylaminophenol

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factors as population-to-physician ratio, demand for a

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mating the outlook. If there be marked muscular atrophy which has come

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dressed the wounds and api)lied bandages. The healing art was no

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between functional and organic affections of the nervous

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the physiologist argues up to the anatomical fact of

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and dry. In nursing or drinking it stops every few minutes to struggle for

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tractions. On dissection the most characteristic patho-

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have been recorded of cutaneous horns becoming cancerous at their base.

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wards administered, while the pressure was kept up for periods

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detached, and by blocking up smaller arteries give rise to new

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The temperature fluctuated between 100° in the morning and

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in cases of delirium and insanity. Thus it is, that by continued mental

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" Febricula. — A disease attended by chilliness, alternating with sense

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XV 940.— Pennato (P.) Inimunitil malaiica nei feto.

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diastolic murmurs. This is an answer, also, to Dr. Smith's suggestion that

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sisters are discharged. Now, it is quite evident that if the

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regular, exhibiting nothing more than the slight irregularity which is

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or what place in public service can? Are we to let them all go

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to the^Ia^sachusetts Medical Society, recognized the important distinction between the

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tains.blasting the herbage of e^ery valley; when the

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