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gravity of 1007, and contained less than 1 % of albumin.

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The Urine. In the majority of cases the urine shows no deviation

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the year that the bacon imports from Denmark, our strongest com-

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while those of 1834 and 1843 were spread over the whole

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between 18 and 23. The mother died of the disease shortly before the death

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Dr Beddoes was a graduate of the university of Oxford, but

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Over certain areas of the normal lungs the respiratory murmur sounds

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In cases of hyperchlorhydria, our aim ought to be to secure

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The temperature at times runs up to 105°, and exceptionally

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activity substantial improvement is of necessity based.

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sening the frequency of the pulse, and consequently the motion

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one " (here the opium contains morjAia, and the label

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initial attack, as defined in the preceding paragraph, indicating a death

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presented the appearance of being plugged at several points, were retained

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strangulation had occurred. In some of the cases, how-

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COURSES OF PRACTICAL WORK ai Assistants, under tutelage, for period* of three months, tlx months, one year, for specialists.

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into the pleiuu.) If, on the other hand, we have had opportunity to

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on Tuesday morning, about ten o'clock, the scene closed in

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the face The medical witness very properly said that these two wounds m

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that dyspepsia is fixing itself in the system. Then there is only one course to pur-

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another set of nodes near the first before reaching the

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J. A. Meigs all agree that "no cranial form is typical," — "cranial mea-

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tous form of anthrax as being sometimes mistaken for it. There is another

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you all the happier, we shall have learned something, and the

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dozen years ago. Except in chronic suppurations where

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