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like a scrap-book, one can add to his records any other sheets that

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which was, the drying of the tongue after having become clean and moist.

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at the elbow, the hand hyperextended, and the fingers and

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carried her tumor for a long time, but it afterwards

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ity of the urine from day to day, it will furnish us

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arise from a mistake of the indication is prevented with cer-

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description of six cases of rodent ulcer, and subjoins beautiful

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(A.I.) Dva sluchaya tr.ansplantatsii otdlelnikh kuskov

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in consequence of the roof of her house being out of repair, she was, during a

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atmospheric pressure which is the immediate cause of the disorder of

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iodide, giving it until we get its effects. It may possibly be due to the

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districts still taxed only by their native rulers —

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lating in the blood, immediate improvement of the general symp-

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resistance to treatment of the decubitus, the slow-

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portion of l-35th to l-iOth of the weight of the body. After entering

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of particular interest is that, assuming the reservoirs at Old Ford to have

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ease is wholly unknown. It occure in adults. The cyanosis is more marked

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The presence of urethritis, especially with the demonstration of gono-

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3.15. Some loss of muscular control, especially of hind legs; reflex much

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hypokinesis of the posterior lateral wall with preserved

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considerable shortening remains. I think I sai<l in

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office was built upon this cinder-tip, about from ten to fifteen yards from the

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Continuing the operation. I found that all the walls of the sinus

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one extremity of the bacilli, and as they are spherical

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and stained with iron hematoxylin. All of this was done immediately

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Two types of ventricular escape are described : ( 1 ) the occasional

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and publish appropriate expressions of sorrow on the

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nature of the operation does not render it unworthy of the best surgical

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