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ter purpose. And in reality we are but then treating the effects of a cause

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rather than a tubercular exudation was the result, The structure of the,

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conferred on mankind ; but the important question arises, can

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vertical feet-down position, the blood passes into the abdomen, and the

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the curette. To this there are the objections that, being obtusely pointed and

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dilated. Impressions of the gums on the upper and lower surfaces

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heavier than the air in order to navigate it. 2. The tracheal

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have been tracheotomized. On the other hand, if we exclude these

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During the early history of Rome, the medical profession of that city

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norm, et path. 1885, v. p. 186 ; and These de Paris, 1885. 82. BARTSCH. Disserta-

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disease; or in hemorrhage to take off, by mechanical means, the

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the contents of the bottle while it was in the custody of the

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cardiac region; the symptoms are masked but becoming more

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Aspiration. — The fluid is usually clear, straw-colored, and

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Topische Dingnostik d. Gehirnkrankheifen, 1879. — 52. Parker, Rxjshton, and Goxr'H.

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sense of hearing, by a congenital deaf mute, Mr. J. Washington, of

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from the profession that great good can be accomplished

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does not in the least interfere, as you will now admit,

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nutritious, and existing in all parts of this island, but, owing to a cruel

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explain their etiology from the standpoint of hj^^Dersensitiveness

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The PhksiPKNT (Dr. \V. II. Hamer) said that. l)efore calling ujion Dr.

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they are usually given in gout, it is extremely doubtful whether the alka-

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