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contusion; and when caused by a bullet or other body
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her attacks, there is demoniacal fury ; in one she drove her son and
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exudation is very acute. The author has found a decrease of chlorids
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pressure over the lower part of the abdomen, as a small,
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pain at all, the complete necrosis having burned out the nerves
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required to know, is equivalent to sacrificing the intere-ts
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kidneys have a characteristic deep-red and opaque appear-
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Springs of Arkansas ; abroad, Vichy, Carlsbad, Wiesbaden, Homburg,
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disease, though it was but the exciting cause, the blast that
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due to toxins. In this way secondary infection can be explained,
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spermatozoa with the ovum, it is impossible to say ; but the embryo is not
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valescence, partially invalidizing for van- n^, ■
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of the manifestations of the case on a hypothesis which supposes changes
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W ^c5^^cviC)THGv<Tt<(MGv<W^ CvJOtHCOIOiO CO«O'*i<(M(M0O
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the Autobiography of the Eeverend Dr Carlyle of Inveresk are
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liquid paraffin. The result had the color of an aque-
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The meeting was called to order by the President, Dr. B. J. Hill of Crcnoa
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could escape. Hemorrhagic pancreatitis has been pro-
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perior air-passages occurs down to the lower portions of the
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whether the obstruction to the evacuation of the bile can be removed
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Take as much Whiting as will adhere to the flannel and apply it
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Eeflex acts, and the contractility of the lymj)hatic hearts,

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