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in their infant feeding work. We depend upon the grati-
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10th. Vomiting severe. ā€” Omit med. Acidi Hydrocyanici mij. ter-
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disease We believe it to be m all essential particulars identical
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ceased for nearly four years, giving way to tonic and
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The diagnosis of rachialgia from organic disease compressing the cord,
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I did not feed the child much ā€” no more than he could digest and
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ers designed to make the public believe that they want to
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removed, a little at a time, until finally the patient was
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mation, to the relation betwe^ septic ^i^ganisms and inflammatory
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of the placenta, the ooze kept up slightly in spite of ergot and
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then all the superfluous solution is to be squeezed out by pressure from
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ing, and to see what kind of impression it makes upon
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entitled to its name.ā€” SĀ«. Louis Clinical Record,
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A2. Female gametes, i. Young form showing solid instead of ring-form staining. 2, Half
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was discovered. The adhesion of the edges of the placenta,
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J. M. Dodd of Ashland, president, and Dr. D. H. Lando of Hurley, secretary
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from typhus, by the suddenness of its onset, and by its want of exan-
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misplaced by adhesions or some shortening, that they
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a myelitis was set up in that part of it which is, par excel-
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with its most aggravated coast symptoms of yellow fevei-, such as intense frontal
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bei Fischen. Ztschr. f. Biol., Miincheu u. Leipz., 1895,
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