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she should make on the sacred altar of ma- hy certain painful sense impressions" at one
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The purging salts in suitable concentration cause increase of peristalsis
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in the blood to be that element in the causation of choleraic
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refers to an angina caused by the Klebs-Loffler bacillus with
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a two-ounce bottle he made a dark purplish solution of
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Up to the present date, at least fifty-one operations
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ures of weight and capacity, its approval by a large ma-
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5. In the summer and autumn of 1823, Dr. Kellie had a number of cases in
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ing state of the funds would permit the Society to pro-
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regularly in the Sunday to Monday 24 hour specimen of unoperated
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rales). Miliary tuberculosis rarely develops as either a complicating affection
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always by irregularity. This irregularity is referred in Ackerman 's
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appeared greatly diminished in size, partly broken up
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given, and consequently the lumen of the canal was not much
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food, and individual idiosyncrasy, differ greatly among each
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Masses of feces above the sigmoid flexure may give rise to a tumor or
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of the hollow viscera. This test will demonsti'ate strictures and
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The fact that these and other lamentable results of progressive
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made for Saturday inspection. The walls, window borders, and all
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gradually fading away, without any replacement by a fresh
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acconunodations, but members of the committee claim
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before a superior Court, it is certain that many unfortunate exposures would
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tation, etc. Most of the foregoing causes induce atrophy by setting
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bone-pains, alopecia, swollen glands, and sore throat.
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legacies and donations. Including one bed and one cot endowed

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