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accompanied by contraction and subsequent dilatation of
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wire of one pole, the other pole being applied to the
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days; the corral-fed lived three months and four days; the pasture-
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but may be expected to disappear if the failing heart respond to
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By this view the first germ-plasm must have been endowed
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I St, the question goes over to another Congress, and
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of death bore him away. And when five days afterwards a whole
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e such as to create some doubt whether the buoyancy of the organs is due to
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or confined state of the bowels. They are often detected by
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to a gale heavily laden with the odors of as.safa?tida.
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pill of quinine sulphat., .13; and bellad. extract., .015; to be taken thrice
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Kewlands, AVm. L., Assistant Surgeon. — Ordered to De-
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College, which simply offers a short road to the obtaining of a degree,
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which are known to be the causative agents of specific dis-
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It is a wise precaution to give ergot on birth of the head
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<iictnally. It is less active, however, than quinine
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appendicular involvement — is of especial value in this differentiation,
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the low estate of the handmaiden, and exalt those of low degree — ■ fill
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had been used in suturing a cut in the Avrist. So he thought
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most cases all the polypi can be removed and the asthma
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up a mixture of the extracts of cascara, podophyllin, rhubarb, and
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the preparation of these lectures. The first question is,
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case with a strong band of twilled cotton, five inches wide,
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which are the toxins or specific agents in producing the
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of a tumor, physical examination may prove a dilatation of the stomach,
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and the lowest holds, where disease is generated in the close berths

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